The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurse Leaders Nomination Form - IHCNONurseLeader

The DAISY Award is an international recognition program started in memory of J. Patrick Barnes. Pat’s family experienced firsthand the difference his nurses made in his care through clinical excellence and outstanding compassionate care. The DAISY Nurse Leader Award recognizes nurses who are extraordinary in the impact they have on compassionate patient care. Honorees can be Charge Nurses, Nurse Managers, Nurse Educators, Case Managers, Preceptors, nurses who specialize in Informatics or Patient Flow, or any nurse leader who impacts patient care indirectly.

The DAISY Foundation is dedicated to recognizing all the "right" that Nurses do, and compassionate leadership is indeed "right".

Please visit to learn more about Pat's story and how The DAISY Award recognizes Extraordinary Nurses. 

IHCNO Extraordinary Nurse Leader Nomination Criteria:

  • Nurse Leader creates an environment where attributes of trust, compassion, mutual respect, continued professional development and ethical behaviors are modeled and supported.
  • Nurse Leader is accessible, available, and responsive to the needs of their team.
  • Nurse Leader uses problem-solving, encourages critical thinking and advocates for their team.
  • Nurse Leader ensures the needs of the team are communicated to organization leadership, organizes priorities and directions are communicated to their team.
  • Nurse Leader is a compassionate leader.

Complete this form to share your story of how a nurse leader made a difference in your care or that of someone you know:

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How has this nurse made a big impact on your ability or others nurses' abilities to give great, compassionate care at the bedside?   Give examples: 

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Example Story:

"While preparing for her unit's move to SICU, I observed an incredible leader in action. Dee never stopped providing her staff with patient care support, answering their questions, caring for her staff and leading by example. As a Clinical Specialist, I stood back in awe as I observed Dee in action. I salute Dee for several reasons:  She is always professional, yet very personable and approachable. Her staff obviously respect her and looks to her for gracious, unconditional, support. Her presence on the unit is strong and reassuring. She is grace under pressure. I have never seen her impatient with staff, visitors, or patients during this huge departmental move. If she was my leader, I would work diligently, compassionately, and professionally for her. Because she walks the walk and talks the talk. Thank you.  Salut! "

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