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The DAISY Award is an international recognition program started in memory of J. Patrick Barnes. Pat’s family experienced firsthand the difference his nurses made in his care through clinical excellence and outstanding compassionate care.

The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Students is designed to remind students, even on the hardest days in nursing school, why you want to be a nurse. By recognizing nursing students for the above-and-beyond care and compassion shown to patients and their families, we celebrate what it truly means to be a nurse. We honor the nurse-patient connection that makes all the difference to patients and their families in their healthcare experience and that makes great nurses truly great.

Please visit to learn more about Pat's story and how The DAISY Award recognizes Extraordinary Nurses.

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The patient had just given birth. Everything was fine until the baby was delivered and would not breathe on her own. The staff nurses called a Code Blue, and the NICU team rushed in.  All the while, Scott stood at his patient's side and let her squeeze his hand, clinging to him with all her might. As the nursing instructor, I like students to seize every learning opportunity they can. When I quietly asked Scott if he would like to watch what the NICU team was doing, he simply directed his gaze to his hand being grasped by his patient. No other words needed to be said. By that simple gesture, Scott demonstrated that his priority was his patient. She needed him and he would be there for her as long as she needed him. Within minutes, the NICU team had the baby breathing on her own. Until that time, Scott stayed with his patient, supporting her and putting her needs first. By this example, one can see that Scott provides compassionate care. He makes a connection with his patients and their families. He advocates for his patients and routinely demonstrates the core values of our school.

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