The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurse Educator Nomination Form - UALR

The DAISY Award is an international recognition program started in memory of J. Patrick Barnes. Pat’s family experienced firsthand the difference his nurses made in his care through clinical excellence and outstanding compassionate care. The DAISY Foundation, as part of its service to the nursing profession’s role in patient care, established The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurse Educator. The purpose of this program is to provide to colleges/schools of nursing a national recognition program they may use to demonstrate appreciation to faculty for their commitment and inspirational influence on their nursing students. The Foundation hopes that, in some way, this program will contribute to a positive work environment for faculty in schools.

Please visit to learn more about Pat's story and how The DAISY Award recognizes Extraordinary Nurses.

Criteria for selecting an honoree that exemplifies inspiring mentoring for professional growth.

  • Serves as a role model and mentor for professional nursing.
  • Demonstrates enthusiasm for teaching, learning, and nursing that inspires and motivates students.
  • Demonstrates interest in and respect for learners.
  • Uses personal attributes (e.g. caring, confidence, patience, integrity, and flexibility) that facilitate professional growth.
  • Is fair and unbiased in his/her treatment of individual students.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Develops collaborative working relationships with students and colleagues.

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Example Story: Dr. Bamber not only carries an exceptional knowledge base in nursing but she connects with her students on a personal level that creates the best learning environment for students. Nursing school can be intimidating, but Dr. Bamber makes it easier to adjust. I had the great pleasure of having Dr. Bamber my first semester in foundations skills lab. I felt like I didn't know as much as I should or wasn't performing as well as I should. Dr. Bamber reassured me that I was doing everything that was expected. I didn't even have to tell her I wasn't feeling confident. She recognized, and her kind, genuine words put my fear at ease and I was ultimately successful in the course. She continued to go above and beyond to make me feel comfortable with my performance. The skills she taught me stuck with me in the clinical setting and in my job today. She's a huge reason I was successful in clinicals and also why I'm successful in my orientation (according to my preceptors) at my new job.

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